Ambipar's Marine Salvage Support

Providing global 24-hour response capability to the international maritime community.

Ambipar's Preparedness & Consultancy

As a company with a wealth of experience in oil and chemical/HNS spill response, Ambipar Response can develop a range of comprehensive contingency plans for differing industries.

Ambipar Response

Has earned a worldwide reputation for quality in environmental services and consultancy, with more than 70 years of experience responding to incidents. Ambipar Response is a name our clients have learned to trust. Ambipar Response offers a professional response service to any terrestrial and maritime incident, utilising our considerable in-house experience to ensure a successful response. We provide services such as incident response, accredited training, consultancy and project management, effective solutions and experienced personnel. Our call centre is open 24/7 which forms a part of our global network for incidents.



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Emergency Call-out Number: 01202 653558
The emergency contact number mentioned is a direct link to our call centre which is manned 24/7, the call centre will forward the call onto 1 of 3 duty coordinators. Once the message has been received the duty coordinator will contact you back to confirm details.

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