About us

Ambipar Response is the world’s largest commercial response organisation with over 1,200 response personnel worldwide, operating in South America, Africa and Europe. We have more than seventy years of experience responding to major hazard events such as oil spills and chemical incidents. 

Our teams have worked in all 7 continents; providing services across the preparedness and response spectrum at a strategic, tactical, and operational level. Our preparedness services include training, audits, capability reviews, and exercise design / implementation, all of which focus on disciplines including crisis management, business continuity, and incident response (e.g. oil spills, chemical spills).

Having been established in 1948 Ambipar have responded to incidents within the UK and around the globe, ranging from small scale spill incidents to international maritime disasters. Our world leading response capability spans several disciplines, this includes HAZMAT, oil spill, chemical spill, and radiation response at a tactical and operational level. At a strategic and tactical level, we provide advice to teams whether it be incident or crisis management. We operate over 150 bases worldwide, each base has an independent response capability allowing rapid, direct deployment to incidents on a ‘nearest on-scene’ basis.

Examples of Ambipar Response clients include:

  •      Ministry of Defence
  •      Environment Agency
  •      Port Authorities
  •      Local Authorities
  •      Network Rail infrastructure
  •      Road Haulage operators
  •      Utility Companies
  •      Emergency Services
  •      Maritime and Coastguard Agency
  •      Oil and Energy companies

Company Background

Ambipar Response is a company within Ambipar Group that operates worldwide, specialising in environmental services and technologies. The Group has approximately five thousand staff across the world. Ambipar Response provides an unparalleled breadth of integrated environmental services for our clients allowing us to boast, we are the home of integrated preparedness for oil and hazmat incident response services.

Founded in 1948 as Danny Vernon Howells and Sons, the company has grown to provide a worldwide response capability for some of the planet’s largest and most prestigious organisations. In 2006, the business of DV Howells was acquired by Braemar Shipping Services to become Braemar Howells Ltd. In 2017 the absorption into Braemar was completed as the business changed its name to Braemar Response allowing the business of response to become a product line within the plc. In 2018 we were acquired by Ambipar Group.



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