Planning Environmental Risk Assessment and Management

At Ambipar Response we believe that prevention and preparation are the most important measures a company can put in place to protect against the financial, environmental and reputational cost of a significant oil or chemical spill incident.

Our trained and experienced assessors will identify the most significant and likely potential spill incident scenarios at the site, evaluate the immediate and long-term risks to your sites infrastructure, neighbouring businesses or properties, environment and then design a contingency plan which will include recommended spill incident control measures and environmental protection plans.

We give your onsite staff the capability to identify the risks and apply appropriate control measures and train them how to coordinate and manage future incidents. This site-specific spill incident contingency planning/ assessment will prove to be invaluable to the overall successfulness of your first response.


  • Oil refineries / Fuel terminals
  • Power stations
  • Renewable energy sites onshores and offshore
  • Steelworks and other manufacturing facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Railways
  • Roadways
  • Airports