Hazmat / CBRN Incidents

Rapid response to incidents involving hazardous materials in the UK and internationally, both onshore and at sea Ambipar Response teams are on permanent standby in our strategically located nationwide, dedicated to responding to Hazmat, HNS (Hazardous and Noxious Substances) and CBRN incidents.

In addition to our national response bases and experienced responders, our dedicated hazmat incident response vehicles and trailers enable us to respond to incidents anywhere in the United Kingdom within three hours.

Once deployed our highly trained chemical response and decontamination teams, mobilise quickly to any situation, whether it happens at sea, at a crucial point in the transport infrastructure, or at a company site. When on site our teams coordinate the response to ensure the safety of life and reduce the impact to environmental, socioeconomic resources.

Incidents vary widely from intentional hazards related to terrorism, industrial accidents and road traffic collisions through to drug paraphernalia to suicides and animal carcases. Our experienced decontamination teams can neutralise these hazards swiftly and efficiently.