Disaster Response

Disasters are sudden unforeseen events which can be overwhelming and problematic from a local to international level. Ambipar Response combines the unique skill set of its personnel to provide disaster response services which mitigate or contain the consequences of a disastrous event.

Ambipar’ss disaster response services range from managing response efforts within an incident command centre to providing frontline hands-on expertise, equipment and personnel.

Flood Response

Rapid assistance with flood water containment, pumping and clean-up. Flooding can impact entire communities, bringing chaos to ordinary lives and damage, property, businesses and agriculture.

Ambipar Response has a sound track record in flood response in times of major and minor flooding. When undertaking flood response, Ambipar Response can deploy high-volume pumps, defence barriers and boats from several response bases around the UK.

Ambipar Response is a supplier of proactive flood protection systems that can be installed before a flooding incident to minimise the damage caused. Working as a contractor or in collaboration with other response services, Ambipar Response can respond rapidly to all phases of a flooding incident.

Following the immediate disaster, we are able to assist with the environmental work that inevitably follows such as, cleaning flood-damaged property, removing pools of contaminated water, and safely disposing of spoiled goods or wreckage.