Oil Spill

Ambipar Response offers a complete spill solution package from immediate oil spill response, dynamic site investigation & risk assessment, liaison with the regulatory authorities, contaminated waste management and site remediation all aimed at leading to a time and cost efficient spill incident close-out.

Our spill response experts will rapidly assess and put in place the most appropriate method for efficiently handling the spill and protecting vulnerable receptors such as human health, surface and ground water drainage, building materials and other essential utilities. Our experienced teams can respond to inland oil spills and other hazardous material spills ranging from a minor domestic heating oil spill to major industrial incidents, such as oil pipeline spills, jet fuel spills and industrial oil storage spills.


  • Pipeline ruptures
  • Domestic heating oil spills.
  • Tank farm oil spills.
  • Aviation incidents.
  • Rail incidents
  • Tanker rollovers